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Online K-12 Tutoring Platform for School Districts | Data-Driven Instruction

Accelerate Learning with Comprehensive Intervention Programs and High-Dosage Online Tutoring

School Leaders Rely On Intervene K-12 To Provide Comprehensive Intervention

Online 4:1 to 8:1 small group tutoring allows students with similar misconceptions to join an online whiteboard with a qualified tutor.

Tier I,II, or III support that is differentiated, data-driven, and allows for students to grow academically in real time with a real person.

Our Solutions

Data + Tutoring = Growth.

Live, Online Small Group Tutoring

We take the traditional small group instruction approach to an online setting. Intervene offers 4:1 to 8:1, live and online group tutoring to help students reach their full potential. Our tutors are familiar with common distractors/misconceptions and have experience working with students of all grade levels. Contact us for a free consultation.

English Learner Support

Intervene K-12 EL provides specialized support for English Learners. Our online English programs blend research assessments, analytics, instruction, and culturally relevant content to support students in language acquisition. Intervene uses research based curriculum and instruction to drive measure outcomes.

Data-Dash™ Assessments

Data Dash is a feature that allows teachers to manage classes, assessments, assessment results, and more. Once a teacher has created an assessment, they can then assign it to their class. Students will take the assessment online and their results are automatically analyzed as they complete the exam. Detailed assessment reports are available so that teachers can see exactly what and why students are struggling.


TELPAS Pro evaluates and drives progress for students to become proficient in the use of academic English. TELPAS Pro provides educators assessments to progress monitor English proficiency and student readiness for TELPAS. TELPAS Pro uses similar rubrics and metrics as used in the TELPAS to provide both assessment and practice.


  • State-aligned assessments
  • Domain targets

Small Group Tutoring

  • Live small group Online Tutoring
  • Authentic Instruction
  • Research based instruction model
  • High Engagement

Progress Monitoring

  • Real-time reports
  • Teacher and Principal Dashboard

Post Test

  • Final assessments
  • Overall student growth reporting

Powerful Data Analysis Tools

• Formative Assessments provide real time intervention progress and action-driven recommendations.

• Small Groups are made for the teachers to help in planning and tracking small group intervention.

• Readiness Summary allows teachers to easily see student performance and misconceptions on a single sheet of paper. It allows teachers to find the most important concepts to teach for the biggest impact when time is limited.

• Recognize and reinforce student successes and growth

• Research-based assessment techniques identify students’ strengths and areas of need and measure instructional effectiveness. Data Dash helps educators uncover and focus on misconceptions and distractors. Students are auto grouped by misconceptions to allow for differentiated instruction.

• Data Dash eliminates the manual and tedious process of using a standard item analysis by automatically patterning incorrect answers.

About us


At Intervene k-12 , we engage and empower students to achieve their academic goals. We unlock the potential of educators and administrators, improving their ability to lead and use data to deliver world-class instruction. We accomplish this by infusing innovative technology and educational expertise.